When Justin Bieber likes you back, do you go for it?

Hey guys been a minute.

Incase anyone was wondering I ended up entering that contest and losing. To top it all off the guy I used to “hangout” with was my coach and I had to spend much more time with him then I cared to.

But this isn’t about that.

Okay so for the story. There is this one guy who’s been someone I’ve always loved spending time with. He’s two years above me in school, and just the coolest guy ever. I really think the world of him. He’s like the least frat frat guy I know, in a good way. I would always say I liked him the way girls like Justin Bieber, like man it’d be fun if we could hangout, but I know that’ll never be the case.

The thing is, last Thursday, he kissed me. It was super sweet and romantic and honestly I just kept thinking man this is just like the bachelor. But, now I’m super confused. I never thought this would happen, but there he was, making it happen. Imagine if Justin Bieber liked you back? You’d be pretty freaking happy right. Well, I was!

We used to talk whenever we would see each other at parties, and sometimes on campus casually. I was always cool with that and didn’t think to much of it. But the thing is now I want more. Now that I know I’ve got a shot I feel like I have to take it. I just don’t know how.

I felt bad about this for a few days. Then I remembered what Jim said in his speech to Pam at their wedding in the office. Where he talks about how for so long he just had deal with little moments with this great person, but he stuck around, because he knew it was going to be something big. This really resonated with me.

I want to ask this guy to formal but I’m not sure if it’s to soon, I mean I don’t know him that well.

Let me know if you have any advice, always love to hear it!


A beauty pageant of some kind.

Okay so the Greek system is pretty big at my school. One of the biggest things chapters pride themselves on, is their philanthropy.

One thing that a lot of frats choose to do is hold a contest to find a sorority girl that most matches their values, and through this they raise money for charity (Don’t ask how because I do not know). They call her their, “dream girl”, “maiden”, and one frat even goes as far as to call her, “ms. greek”.

I’ve never been a spotlight person, homecoming queen, lead role in the high school play, no thank you! But this idea sounded really cool to me. There is one frat in particular where I would consider almost all the freshman, and a bunch of the upperclassmen, my friends, and their competition starts this week. They have the contestants play a bunch of games and do a talent show and stuff.

If we are being honest, this is something I would really like to do. Growing up I always had more guy friends, and I wanted to rush a frat instead of a sorority anyways. This would be a great chance to really get to know the guys, and solidify my friendships. I don’t really care about winning.

My problem is I have trouble asking for what I want, and I’m worried I’ll fail and make a fool of myself. I don’t want to let my fear stop me, but I’m worried it just might.

My other problem with this whole thing involves a guy, it always does. This particular guy was a pretty significant part of my freshman fall quarter, and bags the title of the first guy I ever really liked in college. We had a pretty fun time together, but after Thanksgiving break things kind of just ended with us, I don’t know what happened. More on that later, but this is relevant I promise. He is in the house with the competition I want to join, and I know this also shouldn’t stop me, but I feel like it complicates things.

Okay, so now I need your help. I wish I didn’t have to ask the internet to tell me what to do with my life, but it has come to this!

Do I enter the contest or not? PLZZZZ comment.

Dumb blonde, the Dolly Parton way.

As you probably noticed, I sometimes refer to myself as a dumb blonde.

Dolly Parton is an idol of mine. She proudly calls herself a dumb blonde, but follows it by saying she isn’t anybody’s fool. She acknowledges that she sometimes acts in silly ways, but this does not define her.

I don’t by any means consider myself a dumb person. I have a lot of big career goals that would be most likely impossible if I was really that dumb. But when I say dumb blonde I’m referring to my actions in everyday life, doing things without thinking, saying things I don’t mean, acting in ways that don’t align with my values. To me doing these things is a dumb way to live your life.

My favorite way to deal with insults is to accept them.

Intro, incase anyone cares.


To start things off there is a lot I will tell you, but there is one thing I will not. My name. Ya I know, this is one of those annoying anonymous blogs.

Honestly it’s okay with me if no one reads this, sometimes I just need to share. Hopefully if someone does read this though, they will find the humor in the crazy, surprising, and often times uneventful days I call life.

Stay tuned for boys, booze, and a whole lot of stupid decisions.